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Environmental Components

Industrial Components & Supplies for Soil Remedidiation

Flow Components has what you need to keep your machines moving.

Soil contamination—also known as soil pollution is ‘Dirty’ work. The biggest concern associated with soil contamination is the harm it can cause to human health. There are significant health risks involved with direct contact with contaminated soil, the vapors from the contaminants and even secondary contamination of water supplies.

So whether your cleaning up petroleum hydrocarbon, pesticides, lead, heavy metals or other hazardous waste; Flow Components has the products you need to get the job done. From Hoses of any type, rubber or metal, big or small, Flow Components has them all. Coupling, fittings, gasket, pumps, packing and so much more. Let flow components be you one-stop-shop for all your environmental needs.

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Sheet Goods

From small squares to 50 foot long rolls we have a large stock of just about anything you need!

Flowlon Gasket by Flow Components USA
Flowlon Gasket by Flow Components USA
Flowlon Gasket by Flow Components USA

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