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Neoprene Synchronous Belts

HTB Timing Belts

HTB Timing Belts

Oil, heat and abrasion-resistant.

The standard trapezoidal tooth timing belt design performs poorly in high torque applications and high power drives at lower speeds. To overcome this disadvantage the High Torque Belt (HTB) was developed usinga more efficient tooth profile.

Stock 5 mm, 8 mm and 14 mm pitch HTB timing belts are listed below. Non-standard lengths in these pitches are also available, as are belts with 3 mm pitch.

HTB timing belts are specified by belt pitch length, tooth profile, and tooth pitch code and belt width in millimeters.

3 mm HTB Timing Belts

Many sizes are in stock. Other 3 mm Pitch HTB Belts are available on a made to order basis. 

Dual HTB Timing Belts

Dual HTB Timing Belts    

Dual HTB belts are often used in reversing or serpentine applications.

Special widths are available: use price for next width stock belt. Materials are same as standard belts except that teeth on one side are ground from fiber reinforced neoprene stock. Power takeoff from ground side

is limited to 50% of total belt rating. Teeth with nylon facing should always be on driver pulley. Any width available from stock

Tiger Synchronous Belts

Tiger Synchronous Belts

Maximum Performance High-Torque Belt

Special aramid reinforced compounds, along with improved tooth facing and tensile members provide the muscle for the increased horsepower ratings; up to three times that of standard HTB® belts.

Laboratory and customer tested tough!

Tiger Belts® may also be ordered in the standard 8mm pitch HTB® widths of 20 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm and 85 mm, as well as in standard 14 mm pitch HTB® widths of 40 mm, 55 mm, 85 mm, 115 mm and 170 mm.

HTB® drives utilizing TigerBelts® as direct replacements for original HTB® belts will see greatly improved belt life.

Standard Timing Belts

Standard Timing Belts

Oil, heat and abrasion-resistant

Stock timing belts are listed below. They have fiberglass tension members, neoprene body with nylon covered teeth, all bonded together for maximum strength.

For non-stock widths, specified widths can be cut from our large supply of timing belt sleeves on special order.

Mini-pitch MXL (0.080-inch pitch) timing belts are also available.

Double Sided Timing Belts

Double Sided Timing Belts

Neoprene fiberglass reinforced

Double sided belts afford power transmission from either side of the belt and are often used in reversing and serpentine applications.

They are specified the same way as timing belts except with a "D" prefix. For example: D240H100. Special widths are cut to order from our sleeve stock for fast delivery.

Double sided timing belts are produced using the same materials as single sided belts, except that the backside is ground from a fiber reinforced special rubber compound. There is no nylon facing on the backside. Power take off on the backside is limited to 50% of the total catalog rating.

Total belt rating is the same as for single sided belts.

Open-End Belting

Open-End Belting

Specially suitable for linear drives, accurate positioning, metering and reversing applications. High load capacity, no maintenance cost and very low noise level make these belts a perfect alternative to chain or cable reverse drives.

Double Sided - until now, chain was the only design option for drives requiring long spans and the capability to drive from either side. The advantages of Open-End synchronous belts (no lubrication, no re-tensioning, high-speed capabilities) makes such drives more versatile than ever. Open-End synchronous belting is specified by an "L" for long length, the belt pitch code and the width code (i.e. L8M-20). Length is specified in feet. Double Sided Open-End is specified "DL" ...